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Service User Group

Would you like to share your experiences and views about St Helena Hospice to help us improve and develop current and future services?

As someone who has experienced our services, you are an expert. You can offer valuable feedback and insight into how we can improve patient care and support for families.

Our aim is to learn from real user experience to help make continuing improvements to the services we provide to shape the future of St Helena.

What is the Service User Group?

The Service User Group is a small group of people who have used our services, either as a patient, or family member, carer, or loved one of a patient. The group meets to discuss how St Helena’s services are currently delivered and how the quality of our care can be maintained or improved.

We want to ensure the care and support we provide is what patients, families and carers actually need; not what our healthcare professionals think they need – that’s why the feedback and insight of those who have experienced our services is so valuable.

What’s involved?

We have different voluntary roles to suit different people and their lives.

Some members attend regular Service User Group meetings to contribute to service development plans; advise on patient information literature; and, most importantly, represent patient and family views on the current hospice services.

Other members attend regular Patient and Family Services committee meetings at the hospice as a patient and family representative, ensuring the patient’s perspective is represented on relevant topics (no clinical or medical background or knowledge is required for this).

Committing to attending regular meetings isn’t always easy. If you’d like to offer your opinions and support, but cannot commit the time, being a virtual member is a great way to still be involved. All you need is access to the internet to keep in touch and have your say via email. 

Or, you don't have to become a member to get involved. If you are interested in providing your feedback and insight about St Helena to help us improve and develop other current and future services, please let us know.  

Find out more

If you’re currently using or have ever used any of our services, we’d love you to join our Service User Group. It’s a way of making a difference for other people in our care at the hospice or out in the community.

If you’d like to find out more, the user group chair would be delighted to have an informal chat about the group and being a member. Please email or call 01206 931 464.

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