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3rd July 2020

A day in the life of our rehab team during the coronavirus pandemic

It's full steam ahead for our rehab team, who are working together with our clinical teams to provide the rapid response model of care we have adopted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

They shared with us what they got up to in a day.
Rehab team

Physiotherapist Kimberley, completed a joint home assessment, with community nurse specialist Ross, for a newly referred patient. They liaised with the patient's family members and completed a holistic assessment. Then Kimberley headed off to Harwich to assess bed mobility and complete a specialist seating assessment for a patient.

Occupational therapist Denise completed a breathlessness assessment at a patient's home followed by a bathing assessment and demonstration of specialist equipment.

Julia, our breathlessness nurse specialist completed breathlessness clinic appointments remotely via telephone call and video link.

Rehab assistants Tarnya and Natasha worked jointly with our occupational therapists on complex double up assessments which included visiting a patient who is receiving care from the virtual ward to practice sitting on the edge of the bed and support with upper limb exercises.

Rehab assistant Chris worked with the virtual ward to provide personal care, rehab support and manual handling advice.

Physiotherapist Nicola completed a follow up home assessment with support of one of our rehab assistants to demonstrate the use of a standing hoist and provided training to carers as well as contacting existing patients to offer follow up support over the phone.

Physiotherapist Nick and occupational therapist Bridget were on the inpatient unit at The Hospice, liaising with relatives, discharge planning for home, completing mobility assessments, helping patients to complete chest and breathing exercises and following up recently discharged patients via telephone.

Occupational therapist Laura, who is working remotely, has been supporting the Hub and rehab team with any telephone support, rehab queries, complex equipment provision, triaging and advice.

Julia WFH

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