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28th January 2020

It makes the hardest times of your life turn into the most precious

Sis Paveley from Manningtree, will again be taking part in Walk of Memories with her three sisters, and one new addition.

Sis explains:

Sis Paveley

Photo left to right: Libby Hanton, Emma Paveley, Sis Paveley, Zoe Paveley


I took part in the Walk of Memories last year with my three sisters. Our mum, Julie Hanton, stayed at The Hospice from December 2014 to January 2015. Every year we try and get together for a hospice event or to volunteer or generally to continue to support St Helena in any way that we can. 

The Walk of Memories fell right near our mum’s birthday so of course we took the opportunity to celebrate together as sisters, for mum’s birthday and to support St Helena all in one go.

I had some very exciting news for my sisters that day which I’d specifically planned so that I felt mum would be watching over us. I decided to use the event to tell my sisters that they are soon to be aunties and our lovely mum would be a nan!

There is no other way to describe St Helena other than ‘home’. It takes an amazingly special place with exceptionally special people to make the hardest times of your life turn into the most precious and so full of love. I didn’t want to share my news without St Helena and I know mum was right there with us. 

This story may not be published elsewhere without express permission from St Helena Hospice.


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