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Hospice in the Home: Becky Gatt

People may have been struggling for quite a long time when we arrive for the first time, and they’re so pleased we can support them and make things easier for them.

People are usually comfortable in their own homes surrounded by familiar things, and I get a sense of who they are and what's important to them. In their own homes, they may open up more.

I think the main thing for me is that they're comfortable in their surroundings and that just makes it easier to have conversations with these people, often difficult conversations.

There are so many things I love about being a Hospice nurse! I love it. That was always my aim; as a student nurse I worked on IPU and thought this is where I want to be, and that was always what I’ve aimed for. I like specialising in that area and looking at every aspect of the person rather than just the illness and being able to holistically support them. We're in a privileged position to be able to support people at this stage in their life.

Image: Nurse Becky

Most of the time people are quite pleased to see me there at their front door. If it's a new patient, there's often some apprehension because I think the word hospice can sometimes be a bit intimidating to people, so there's sometimes a bit of trepidation and a bit of a worry. 

But then I hope that once they get to know me and I visit again, they're generally quite pleased to see me, so most of the time it's always been very welcoming. Generally, it always seems to be met with a sense of gratitude and relief that you're there.

There's a sense of community; neighbours look out for each other. I just really like the people, it's the people and the support they all bring each other. 

Becky Gatt, clinical nurse specialist

Image: Nurse Becky
Image: Nurse Becky

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