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27th October 2022

I am now able to realise my dream of becoming an occupational therapist

Hospice care is about the whole person and our team of occupational therapists working at the Hospice and out visiting people at home, help our patients to continue to do everyday activities and things they enjoy doing, by supporting them to overcome any difficulties.

Tarnya, our therapy assistant, has recently started an apprenticeship pathway to becoming an occupational therapist, training with the University of Essex. On World Occupational Therapy Day, Tarnya shares why she is set to take on the challenge:

“I have worked alongside the most amazing occupational therapists in my 7 years at St Helena and seeing the difference they make to patients' lives totally inspires me.

“Working in collaboration with individuals to identify their goals and problem solve together in order to support independence and wellbeing, is an absolute privilege and is so rewarding.

“Thanks to the new healthcare assistant practitioner apprenticeship that leads on to the occupational therapy apprenticeship, I am now able to realise my dream of becoming an occupational therapist and continue my journey as a qualified member of the St Helena Hospice family.

Tarnya in the garden holding up a sign that says ''Seeing the difference OTs make to patients' lives totally inspires me

“Visiting with our patients and their families in their own homes enables them to feel more at ease and relaxed; this in turn encourages open and honest conversation surrounding any difficulties they may be experiencing in their day to day lives.

“We as a team strive to promote an individual’s independence whilst considering and upholding their wishes and needs. Assessing them in their own environment makes the process much more personable and efficient.

“A home is, for most people, their sanctuary. I’ve always considered it a privilege to be welcomed into someone's home at such vulnerable times - I love what I do!” 


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