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The Creation Station in support of St Helena Hospice

The Creation Station in support of St Helena offers a wide range of award-winning art and craft classes and groups to local people in Colchester and surrounding areas. All of the profits from this partnership will be reinvested back into St Helena to provide its vital services to local people facing the end of life and bereavement.   

Groups we run include arty birthday parties, after schools create clubs, newborn keepsake classes, preschool baby and toddler classes, family fun and lots more.  We also have fantastic adult craft classes perfect for hen parties, team building events or just a fun afternoon or evening of crafting with fellow creators. 

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The Creation Station’s hands-on art and craft exploration sessions give even very young children the chance to safely experiment with a wide range of materials, tools and ideas. 

From educational benefits to wellbeing, our fun-based arts and craft activities are guaranteed to unleash the wonder within – for all ages - with an added extra sparkle.  

As we age there are many physical, social and emotional benefits of being involved in creative activities. Research shows the acts of creative expression and social interaction can improve health, both mentally and physically in our ageing community. 

For the older population, we can also run crafty sessions in care homes or community settings. We incorporate a range of art, music, writing and drama. The focus is tailored to the social, mental and physical benefits to suit the needs of each person. 

To book a group or to find out more, visit the website or get in touch on 07748 333019. 

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Two young children hold up their creations at a create club
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After school and holiday Create Clubs

As well as kids parties, The Creation Station in support of St Helena also offers after school and holiday camp Create Clubs.  

Research shows the acts of creative expression and social interaction can improve health, both mentally and physically 

Create Clubs are packed with fun creative activities and challenges to help your child unleash their creativity! We will help to spark your child's natural curiosity and to develop their own ideas. We build their confidence to support their decisions making and help them create their own journey of creative exploration. 

If you work at a school and are keen to offer the Create Clubs, or you’re a parent or carrer and want to put us in touch with your child’s school, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Call or message us on 07748 333019 or email  

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About the partnership

The Creation Station in support of St Helena operates as a social enterprise business. Whilst it is separate from St Helena, all of the profits are reinvested into the St Helena Hospice charity to run our core services, helping local people face incurable illness and bereavement.   

Renowned for its positive impact on individuals of all ages, The Creation Station has built an exceptional reputation for inspiring imaginations and nurturing creativity. As the most recommended art and craft company in the UK, we are delighted to partner with them. 

Research shows that creative expression and social interaction can significantly enhance both mental and physical health. It Improves sleep, boosting your mood and fostering a positive outlook on life. It also supports people in the face of adversity, such as the loss of a loved one.  

The Creation Station aligns with our holistic approach to care, looking at an individual’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as their physical health. They also complement our values of being bold, passionate, and caring, making it an ideal partnership that resonates with our commitment to comprehensive wellbeing. 

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St Helena is a proud member of Social Enterprise UK

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