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Commissioned care services

Commissioned care services are professional care and support services that are arranged and funded by a government authority or organisation to meet the needs of people in the community.

St Helena offers a range of commissioned services to people in north east Essex, which are delivered by Radfield Home Care in support of St Helena

Night Owl Ward

The Night Owl Ward is for people at the end of life who are receiving care at home. Our trained healthcare professionals visit patients at night time to provide care and support. This service is particularly useful for people who require a lot of monitoring or assistance at night. 

Night Sits

Our care professionals will stay at patient's homes overnight as part of this service, supporting people who need continuous care at the end of life.  

A healthcare professional from Radfield Home Care in support of St Helena wearing a lilac uniform assists a female client with styling their hair.

Urgent Care Response Service

In moments of sudden health crisis our Urgent Response Service can provide immediate, expert care in patient's own homes. Our rapid response team is trained to handle emergencies with efficiency and compassion. 

Pops and Braces service

We offer specialised care for people needing support with plaster of Paris, neck or back braces after being discharged from hospital. This service is not limited to people at the end of life, but is for people who are unable to do daily activities independently because of a cast or brace. 

Handy person service 

A handy person can play a crucial role in preparing a home for someone returning from hospital by ensuring it's safe, accessible and comfortable. Tasks that might be undertaken as part of this service include: installing grab bars and handrails, installing a shower chair, lowering/raising furniture, fitting key safes, securing rugs and carpets, adding accessibility ramps and checking smoke detectors and CO alarms.

To confirm your eligibility for any of our commissioned services please speak to your clinician or other healthcare professional who can refer you to appropriate services.

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