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The hospice

The hospice provides 24 hour specialist care to people in north east Essex living with an incurable illness.

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Hospice in the Home

Our Hospice in the Home team includes a number of different services to support local people living with incurable illness in their own homes.

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SinglePoint and Virtual Ward

Part of our Hospice in the Home services, SinglePoint and Virtual Ward support patients to receive care at home.

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Hospice services self-referral form

Refer yourself, or make a referral on behalf of a loved one, for St Helena's hospice services here.

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Family support

We offer support and advice to the families of patients under our care.

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Safe Harbour

Our Safe Harbour project reaches out to people who traditionally have had difficulty accessing hospice services.

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Spiritual care

Our chaplaincy team support patients and families, listen to experiences; explore concerns and help people to find peace. It is available to all, regardless of faith or no faith.

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Complementary therapies

An integral part of the holistic care of the patient complementary therapies are available to patients and families.

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My Care Choices

We empower people to plan ahead, share their choices and achieve their wishes for end of life care through the use of the My Care Choices Record.

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Visiting St Helena Hospice

Information for visiting the Hospice

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Patient communication

St Helena is dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure local people facing incurable illness have access to all the support and resources available to them

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Patient information centre

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Zest young adult service

Zest supports young adults aged 14 and upwards with progressive and incurable illnesses to ensure that they get the specialist care, tailored treatment and services they need to be able to enjoy life to the full.

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Additional support is available to you and your loved ones from other health and social care providers.

Find out more at the North East Essex Health and Wellbeing Alliance website.

We also provide support for health and social care professionals

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