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The St Helena £50 Challenge sponsored by Birkett Long

We've once again teamed up with Birkett Long Solicitors for the return of the £50 Challenge for 2024! Put your creativity to the test and see how much your organisation or group can raise for St Helena Hospice.

What is the £50 Challenge?

At the start of the challenge you'll be given £50 which has kindly been donated by local solicitors Birkett Long. You'll then have 50 days to turn your £50 into something big, with all proceeds going towards providing vital services and support to local people facing incurable illness and bereavement across north east Essex. Whether you choose to hold a quiz night, a bake sale, or something totally unique, the choice is yours. Sign up today and make a difference in our community!

We've seen teams use their entrepreneurial skills to bring all sorts of exciting and innovative ideas to life and we can't wait to see what you come up with in 2024!

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The difference your fundraising could make...

£520 could provide 20 hours of vital bereavement counselling for adults or children following the loss of a loved one.

£1,000 could pay to provide compassionate care and expert support to an individual staying at the Hospice for 24 hours.

£1,500 could pay for a SinglePoint nurse to provide round the clock care to patients in the comfort of their own home, for 48 hours.

Nurses working in the SinglePoint call centre

" We could call them anytime and they were brilliant every time. I said to Nick I’m going to phone SinglePoint because he can’t go on like this, he is in so much discomfort all the time. Of course when I phoned, they were brilliant because obviously I was too upset to explain what had happened"


All proceeds will be donated to St Helena Hospice to help local people face incurable illness and bereavement, supporting them, their families, friends and carers.

Benefits to your organisation or group

  • Offers you a platform to promote your organisation or group
  • Provides the opportunity to strengthen your community network with other local companies and groups
  • Helps you enhance your profile by giving you a new way to engage with your suppliers, members, customers, family and friends
  • Plus the £50 Challenge can be an inspiring and creative team-building exercise!

You can enter your business or group as one whole team or spark some healthy competition and register multiple teams. If this sounds like the perfect way for your business, organisation or community group to support your local hospice while engaging your team in some fun activities then get yourselves signed up!

Are you ready to turn £50 into something BIG?! 

To take part email us or call our Fundraising team on 01206 931 468 us by Monday 22nd May to let us know that you would like to participate. One of our team will then answer any questions you have and provide support throughout the challenge. 

Sign up now

"We have been involved with St Helena for many years and this will be our 8th year of participating in the £50 Challenge. The £50 Challenge really brings the team together to do something that isn’t work, it’s a fun way to do something worthwhile and contribute to a local good cause with the added benefit of boosting team spirit." 

- Terry Knight, Atlas Signs

When signing up through Enthuse, please follow the steps to set up an Enthuse Fundraising Page. This should be the only fundraising page used during the £50 Challenge. Please refer to our FAQ’s below.

£50 Challenge FAQs

How do I sign up for this year's £50 Challenge?
Click the 'sign up now' button to follow the link to our Enthuse registration page where we will take all the required details. Please remember to enter your corporate email and select ‘how you would like to hear from us’ so we can keep you updated on all things St Helena.
How will taking part in the £50 Challenge help St Helena?

By taking part in this year’s £50 Challenge, you are making a huge difference to the lives of our patients and their families across north east Essex. Every day it costs around £54,800 to run St Helena Hospice. By taking part in this year's £50 Challenge you will be helping us raising the income we need to continue providing our vital services to those in our local community facing incurable illness and bereavement.

We hope you will share your participation in this event on your social media channels, within stores, amongst your internal teams and even with your wider corporate network. Can you bring along a business who haven’t taken part before? It would be great to increase the number of registered corporate supporters this year to help St Helena Hospice continue to be here for future generations and the people you love.
How do I start fundraising?
When signing up through Enthuse, you will be required to set up your Enthuse fundraising page. This should be the only fundraising page used during the challenge as this allows there to be a leaderboard, all income is collated in one area for your company making your fundraising easily trackable and can be shared amongst your teams. Setting up your fundraising page is very quick and easy and the platform will guide you through this. You can add photos, information and personalise it to your organisation.
When does the £50 Challenge start?
This year's £50 Challenge launch breakfast is on Friday 24th May, which will kickstart your 50 days of fundraising. From the launch you will have until Saturday 13th July to turn your £50 into something amazing.
Is there a launch breakfast like last year?
We are delighted to welcome all those registered to attend our £50 Challenge breakfast launch which will be held at the St Helena Hospice Learning and Development Centre on Friday 24th May. More details will follow via email communications ahead of this date.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Ruth Jennings our Corporate Fundraiser will be main point of contact and her email is or call our fundraising line on 01206 931 468.
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