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A SinglePoint nurse with a microphone headset sat at a computer


SinglePoint is the care coordination hub for out of hospital end of life care in north east Essex, and our 24/7 advice and support helpline for people in the last year of life or those with specialist palliative care needs. SinglePoint works alongside other health and social care services such as GPs, community nurses and hospital specialists.

Members of the public, patients, relatives, carers, GPs and other medical and health and social care professionals can also get expert advice over the phone 24/7.

For advice please phone SinglePoint on 01206 890 360.

Most cases can be dealt with over the phone, however in some circumstances a home visit can be offered if required.

The SinglePoint number can also be used for referrals into St Helena services or you can refer online. Please note that when a patient is added to the My Care Choices Register they are not automatically referred to St Helena, a separate referral is required to access our services.

Four smiling Virtual Ward healthcare assistants in blue uniforms standing in the hospice garden.

Virtual ward

The SinglePoint virtual ward is a nurse-led service that supports patients being cared for in their own homes with intense multiple needs at a time of crisis at the end of life. The aim of this increased support is to maintain patients in their usual place of residence by offering personal care visits and to prevent inappropriate admission to an acute setting. The service can also facilitate discharge from hospital where home is the preferred place of care.

We are currently working with Bluebird Care to provide the virtual ward service and to support more people in need across north east Essex. Depending on their needs, patients can be supported up to four times a day. Read more about this partnership.

Care is overseen by a St Helena nurse and patients have access to the range of services provided by St Helena, including occupational therapy. Those caring for the patient are also supported.

Referral criteria

  • The patient is at end of life and requires care as recognised by a professional.
  • Physical, social, emotional and spiritual care will be recognised and supported by Virtual ward to alleviate distress for the patient and their family.
  • The patient’s preferred place of care will be their usual place of residence and they do not wish to be admitted to another place of care, including hospital.
  • The patient is in hospital with a desire to be discharged home to die and care needs are complex and unstable.
  • The patient does not have an existing care package. If they do, then a referral should be made to St Helena and support services will be arranged in the normal way.

To refer a patient please call SinglePoint on 01206 890 360. 

Please obtain patient consent prior to making a referral. 

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