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A row of SinglePoint nurses taking calls.

SinglePoint 01206 890 360

Our SinglePoint team can make an assessment over the phone and help people access the support they need when they need it. We work closely with GPs, community nurses and out of hours doctors as needed to manage the situation. If required, expert nurses or other professionals may visit at home to respond.

Our SinglePoint phone line is available 24/7 for patients, families and carers. You can call 01206 890 360 any time for help and advice, or to make a referral to a St Helena service.  

Working as part of our Hospice in the Home services, SinglePoint guides those who need us every step of the way helping people stay at home when that is what they choose. This is possible thanks to the help and generosity of our donors; you can make a donation online.

The My Care Choices Register can hold key information about an individual’s diagnosis, condition and the medical treatment they are receiving, in addition to recording their wishes about their care. We work closely with local GPs and other health and social care professionals to promote and support its use.

St Helena Virtual Ward staff and Bluebird Care staff sitting on a bench enjoying light conversation. They are smiling and laughing.

Virtual Ward

The SinglePoint Virtual Ward provides personal care and support to people in the last weeks of life, helping with all hygiene needs such as washing and mouth care, as well as providing support to the family, in the comfort of their own homes.

We are currently working with Bluebird Care to provide the Virtual Ward service and to support more people in need across north east Essex. Depending on their needs, patients can be supported up to four times a day. Read more about this partnership.

The aim of the Virtual Ward is to help patients remain at home if that is their preferred place of care, and to prevent unwanted or inappropriate admission to hospital or hospice.

Prior to a patient being accepted into the service, an assessment will be made by a St Helena nurse to explain how the service works and the type of support St Helena can offer you.

Virtual Ward care is available for up to twelve weeks. If care is required for a period longer than this, the SinglePoint nurses will have to refer on to an alternative care provider which will be done with your knowledge and consent. You will continue to receive support from St Helena even if your personal care ceases.

You can contact SinglePoint at any time, 24/7, for advice and support if required; just call 01206 890 360.

All of our Hospice in the Home services are available for people in north east and mid Essex with the exception of Virtual Ward which is not available in mid Essex, but a similar service is provided in this area.

Additional support is available to you and your loved ones from other health and social care providers.

Find out more at the To Live With Dying website

504 patients referred to the Virtual Ward last year



45,554 calls received by SinglePoint last year


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