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Get involved in the St Helena Hospice £10 Challenge!

The St Helena Hospice £10 Challenge encourages all young people, school students, youth clubs, and community groups to use their entrepreneurial skills to grow a £10 investment into as much money as they can for St Helena Hospice.

The challenge supports a broad range of subjects particularly maths and English, and also helps students to develop a number of skills including communication, team work, leadership and creativity. All of these help support young people in preparing for their next step in education and the world of employment. 

Our £10 challenge is aimed at young people in school years 6 and above and is open to primary and secondary schools, as well as youth clubs, community groups and after school clubs.

Each year we are amazed by the creative fundraising ideas that emerge; from investing the £10 into ingredients for a cake sale, to turning their existing hobbies into a business – the possibilities are endless.

All that’s left to do is:

  • Sign up - call our fundraising team on 01206 931 468 or register your interest by sending an email to
  • We'll visit to chat to you and the students
  • We'll provide you with the £10 notes (we suggest 6 - 8 teams per school)
  • Start fundraising!

A certificate will be awarded to each team upon completion. 

For more information and to get your school, youth club or community group involved please contact our fundraising team on 01206 931 468 or email 

Students at Littlegarth school with a cheque for funds raised from their £10 Challenge

Students from Littlegarth School raised more than £7,000 for St Helena Hospice!

Want to get your school, youth club or community group involved in fundraising for St Helena Hospice? Contact our fundraising team on 01206 931 468 or by email to

£10 Challenge Q&A's

Are there instructions for what to do?
Once signed up for the challenge, we will provide all necessary resources, materials and support.
Can I have a launch assembly?
A launch assembly is possible, this will include everything you need to know about the £10 challenge and some top tips! We would need to take some details before confirmation; such as your contact name, number and school, and we can try our best to arrange a visit.
How long does it take?
We recommend the challenge is completed within 8 to 10 weeks.
How many groups can we have?
We suggest groups of around 6-8 individuals, but this varies on the size of the group taking part. 
How much should I raise with my £10?
As much as you can! You should aim for about £100-£150 per team.
Is there a registration form?
We do have registration forms that our community fundraisers will complete on your behalf.
What happens once we complete the challenge?
Once you complete the challenge one of team members will arrange a cheque presentation and a certificate for those that have taken part in the challenge. 
When shall we take part?
You can take part at whatever time of the year suits you best.
Where does my £10 stake come from?
The £10 stake money is provided by St Helena as an investment to groups to go out and raise as much money as they can, the stake must always be returned to us.
Who can take part?
The £10 Challenge is available to youth clubs, community groups, after school clubs, primary and secondary schools. 

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