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28th September 2021

Getting your garden perfect

Whether keeping your garden looking tidy and well cared for is your biggest chore or your greatest passion, we’re here to help! 

St Helena Hospice garden

We are very proud of our beautiful garden at the hospice and we wouldn’t be able to keep it looking perfect all year round without our amazing volunteer gardeners. That’s why we’ve asked them to share some tips to help you get your garden looking its best.

  • If you’re a green fingered garden pro, then we’re sure you know your garden like the back of your hand but if you’re new to gardening then take the time to study your garden. Think about things like which direction does it face and where does the sun hit the most? You’ll want to consider this when planting, and planning for seating areas etc. 
  • If you’re wondering when to plant seeds, the answer is now! Late September to October is the ideal time to plant as the ground is moist. Alternatively plant in the spring - late March to May is also a good time.
  • Although it’s extremely time consuming, don’t forget to weed your garden! Giving yourself the best canvas to start with by preparing the soil will make all the difference.
  • Get out and visit some local gardens, these are the best way to gain inspiration and feel motivated to get your garden looking just as special. Some great local examples are Beth Chatto’s Plants & Gardens in Colchester and Springmead Gardens in Brightlingsea.
  • Be resourceful, keep cuttings as well as kitchen and garden waste. Let it break down for a year and then you can use as a mulch around your plants. Good for the environment and wildlife, and an easy way to save yourself some money!
  • Learning from other people can be the easiest way to get to grips with gardening, if you don’t already know a gardening fanatic there are thousands on YouTube with great tutorials to watch and answer your questions. Check out Charles Dowding, The Middle-Sized Garden and Claus Dalby.
  • Keep an eye on those pests, don’t let them destroy all your hard work!

We hope these tips will help and inspire you on your gardening journey! 

volunteer gardener

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