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11th June 2021

Giving vintage a new home

Fashion is a forever changing and growing industry. With so many new brands that enhance fast fashion, the life span of clothing grows shorter and shorter. That’s why shops like ours are an essential contribution towards improving the planet and the amount of waste thrown away each year; by giving used clothing, still in excellent condition, a new home.

Our vintage shop, located in Sir Isaac's Walk, Colchester, is a prime example of how sustainable and timeless clothing can be throughout the decades, and still being part of your 2021 wardrobe without looking outdated. We recently visited the vintage shop – check out some of our amazing finds below….


When it came to womenswear, there was an amazing amount of stock, featuring beautiful pieces dated throughout the past century that remain in top condition.

With the hot weather setting in, there is a great variety of summer clothing including: floral dresses, flowing skirts and light blouses.

A selection vintage jewellery including rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

Accessories are the key to any perfect outfit and with the wide range offered at the vintage shop, there’s so many ways to add a little something to your style.

The jewellery is the star of the show in this stunning display, showcasing different colours, styles and materials for an affordable cost. Additionally, they have a cabinet filled with accessories of a slightly higher value that are not to be missed out on. Bags, shoes and scarves (like the Nina Ricci one pictured) that are often one of a kind, can make for a unique and perfect essential to your wardrob

Nina Ricci burgundy, royal blue and golden yellow scarf tied around the neck of a manekin wearing a white blouse.

The menswear we found proved just how timeless clothes can be; leather jackets, three piece suits and blazers, were amongst the few stand out pieces from the men’s collection, all of which are still such good sellers in traditional fashion today.

Mens vintage black tails jacket and grey trousers with striped braces attached.
A rail of vintage clothing. A brown leather jacket is at the front.
A rail of mens blazer jackets in shades of beige and grey.

These items in particular have such a long life span due to their construction; which is something that’s harder to find in modern day.

Although clothes and accessories make up a large portion of their donations, the vintage shop doesn’t end there; they are home to some remarkable items with so much history that would be hard to find anywhere else. From Charles Dickens books, to interior decoration for your home; there is so much worth seeing. New items are added daily so you never know what you’re going to come across!

A row of old books on a shelf
A collection of vintage household items including a sign for Baker Street

The ambience of the shop is completely different from most shops today. It’s uniqueness and rareness is special; with displays in the window and throughout the shop that are complete stand outs. This memorable shop is not only filled with rare items but an amazing team with a love for vintage that are happy to help with any queries. So don’t miss out on all those fantastic finds just waiting to be rehomed - pay a visit to our vintage shop today!

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