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Everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of one last Christmas.

The festive season can be a time to cherish. For many people in our care, it may be their last opportunity to create memories together with loved ones.

Sadly, hospices are in crisis this Christmas. Hospices across the UK, including St Helena, are preparing for a multi million pound shortfall. But as the local community grows, St Helena Hospice is needed now more than ever. We desperately need your help to raise vital funds to provide excellent, high-quality care, this winter.

We don’t close our services over Christmas. It will cost £30,000 to run St Helena’s services on Christmas Day for people at home and at the Hospice. 

Please will you give a gift to help raise this life-changing amount so local people can receive the care, comfort and compassion they need to enjoy their last Christmas? Everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of one last Christmas. 

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Caitlin and her mum Tracey with their family during Tracey's last Christmas

Tracey's last Christmas with her family before she died


Caitlin and her family are preparing for their second Christmas without her mum Tracey, who died of bowel cancer in August 2022 aged 55. Caitlin said:

"We spent last Christmas – our first without Mum – at my sister Cherry’s house. We didn’t want to spend the day at home. It would have felt too empty without Mum here.

"Mum would have wanted more than anything to have been there. We took her ashes, which are in a wooden box with her name on it, with us to Cherry’s and placed them on a little table. She liked Tia Maria and Coke, so we each had a drink in her memory, and left one for her on the table with some flowers.

"Over the course of the day we talked about Mum. It was very emotional and we all cried because she wasn’t there.

"Christmas for us now means remembering all the wonderful times spent with Mum, opening presents and listening to our favourite Christmas hits. For those receiving hospice care from St Helena, the festive season can be a poignant reminder of the limited time they have left."

Please donate today so we can help more people to experience the joy of one last Christmas. 

Caitlin and her mum Tracey at Christmas when Caitlin was young

Make a donation to help more local people experience the joy of one last Christmas


could pay for the care and support a family in crisis needs with a home visit from a SinglePoint nurse in their home



could help a patient to return home to their loved ones at Christmas after a stay at the Hospice, being supported by a nurse for one hour to help manage their pain



could pay for a delicious and nutritious Christmas dinner for someone staying at the Hospice on Christmas day, so they can enjoy a home-cooked lunch


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